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 Chief - Russell H. Strohpaul Jr.

Dep. Chief - Steve Eddy    Asst. Chief - Todd Hatfield

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Thank You

 Thank You to our Firefighters

After September 11th, 2001 much attention has been given to fire departments. Many people do not understand the complexity of being a paid per call or volunteer firefighter. It is never easy to leave the dinner table, a child's concert or game, or a warm bed at 3:30 am on a cold winter's night when the temperature outside is below zero to respond to a fire alarm, a vehicle accident where someone may be trapped, or a house fire; but time and time again it happens. The Grayling Fire Department is no exception.

     Over 85% of fire departments in the United States are staffed by paid per call/volunteer firefighters. A paid per call/volunteer firefighter in Michigan is required to complete the same training as full time firefighters and to successfully complete an exam upon completion of training administered by the Michigan Fire Fighter Training Council. This training consists of over 225 hours, with a final exam of 200 questions (70% passing score) and 12 practical (hands on) exam stations. This Firefighter training is the starting point; with constant in-service (continuing education) training, and progressively advanced courses firefighters continue improving to meet the demands of an ever changing fire service.

     The Grayling City and Township Fire Department, a division of Grayling Public Safety, is a combination fire department; employing both full-time and paid per call firefighters.  These dedicated members have primary responsibility for fire suppression and heavy rescue coverage over 180 square miles, which equals 115,200 acres. The department is also the primary response agency for Camp Grayling Army National Guard Joint Maneuver Training Center, the Grayling Army Airfield / McNamara Airport. The members maintain all fire department equipment along with fire prevention inspections and training responsibilities.

     The Grayling City and Township Fire Department currently has 22 members who dedicate their time to the fire service. If you add up all the years of experience that the firefighters bring to a scene it comes to over 200 years.

     So the next time you see one of the firefighters be sure to thank them for the time they put into making the City and Township of Grayling a safer place to live.

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Station 2 Smoke Detector Project

The Grayling Fire Department and the Grayling Fire Fighter's Association have teamed up to ensure every house in the community has working smoke detectors.  It is the goal or your fire service professionals to check for and install working smoke detectors in homes where no detectors exist or the detectors are more than 10 years old.  Grayling Fire Department teams will come to each house and install or replace a smoke detector at NO COST to participants. 

This program is made possible through grant money and the generosity of local businesses.

Information and applications can be obtained by calling or emailing the Grayling Fire Department at: 989-348-6319 ext 23, This program is limited to residents of the City of Grayling and Grayling Charter Towhship.

Serving Grayling since......

Russ Strohpaul, Chief  1981

Steve Eddy, Dep Chief 2004

Todd Hatfield, Asst. Chief 1997

Mark McInally 1994

Kevin Fleming 2000

Jon Williamson 2005

 Mike Arwood 2006

 Rich Silvola 2007

 Mark Brown 2007

 Justin Wethington 2009

 Leon Clark 2009

 Tim Weismiller 2009 

Art Clough 2010

Mike Grosberg 2011

Cameron Wakeley 2013

Brock Baum 2013

Apryl Whitney 2014

Nick Bricker 2015

Jeremiah Kohnert 2015

Jeff LaVigne 2015

Karen Wyman 2015